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Juvederm vs Restylane

Juvederm vs Restylane: Get your facts right

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Wrinkles, less than perfect lips, crow’s feet, laugh lines and so many other skin properties are a matter of major concern for people the world over. Thankfully, today we have many methods to successfully combat all these problems. But the most common question arises when one is thinking about Juvederm vs Restylane. People interested in undergoing such corrective measures would like to know which is the better choice. Here are some facts to help you out.

What you must know about them:

  • When you are dealing with the topic of Juvederm vs Restylane, then you should first of all learn more about these. This will help you to be more confident about your decision.
  • Both of them are hyaluronic acid derivatives and can combat all the problems discussed above. They are FDA approved.
  • The newer versions of the first are longer lasting in their effects- nearly nine months.
  • The latter is less concentrated than its counterpart. Although results are comparable, the effects wear off in around six months.
  • Both of these have roughly similar costs; the actual numbers vary from one location to another and are suitable for all skin types. Till date, harmful side effects have not been reported, but that is best left for your doctor to advice you on.
  • Recovery time is generally minimal and you can immediately get back to normal life.
  • Finally, never settle upon a final choice without assistance from your doctor. You can take two or three opinions if that makes you feel better, but make sure that you do not take the plunge without professional consultation.

Thus, after you have decided which is better Juvederm vs Restylane, you have to now make the effort to pick out the most dependable professional under whose care you can successfully undergo the treatment.